World of Warcraft Chronicle: Volume 3 Is Available Now


For three years now, every year in March, the World of Warcraft Chronicle book series grows. World of Warcraft Chronicle: Volume 3 continues the epic saga deep into Azeroth’s history as agents of the Burning Legion devour the world and unleash a mysterious force of undeath. Follow the stories of iconic characters from the World of Warcraft universe like Jaina Proudmoore and Arthas Menethil of The Alliance, Thrall of The Horde and Illidan Stormrage as they face dreadful choices to save Azeroth and their way of life. Volume 3 is now purchasable on Amazon, Target, Jet and other book stores.

Volume 3 features art and illustrations by Peter C. Lee, Joseph Lacroix, Roman Kenney, Robert Sevilla, Cole Eastburn, Stanton Feng, and others. Their take on the heroes and villains in the saga are breathtaking.




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