Bless Online Previews Paladin Class Healing In Party & New Combat Gameplay


Neowiz is on a roll with showcasing the new and improved combat of Bless Online, their upcoming MMORPG set to release sometime this month. Just days ago, we received details and previews of the combat for all classes that will be playable in the initial version of the game. Those previews were inaccessible for a short period due to issues regarding the Bless Online YouTube channel, but are now back up on Pmang’s official YouTube. To make up for that, now Neowiz has revealed one of the most requested previews by the community; the Paladin class exercising their healing abilities with the improved combat system in a dungeon scenario.

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SoulWorker Adds New Playable Character Jin Seipatsu With Gift Coupon & The Golden Citadel Raid


SoulWorker, the newly released anime brawler MMORPG has just received its first and latest character addition and a major content update. As was teased before, Jin Seipatsu joins the SoulWorker roster as the “Spirit Arms” playable character. He is a martial arts specialist who uses his superhuman powers to play as both tank and DPS roles with skills that can attract enemies to him while giving them invulnerabilities and a wide array of AoE attacks. He also has the highest base HP out of all of the SoulWorker characters.

A new instanced raid called The Golden Citadel has been released as well, which can be accessed once you’ve completed all of SoulWorker’s casual raid quests. This raid comes with five spaces, each of which also comes with its own themed boss.

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Ascent: Infinite Realm Showcase Game Lore “People Of Nousgard” While Devs Refine Gameplay


After a large burst of hype forged by mentions of a planned release for North America back in January, Ascent: Infinite Realm, the upcoming steampunk themed MMORPG developed by Bluehole and set to be published by Kakao Games has been mainly away from the spotlight. Community Manager Praballo says that “many aspects of A:IR are now in the process of being refined after the first Beta test in Korea” which took place in December of last year. Now Kakao Games has posted a showcase of concept art and the inhabitants of A:IR’s world in hopes of sweetening the wait for news regarding a North American release date.

Take a glimpse into the lore of A:IR and find out the artists’ commentaries on the official forum post. More previews and showcases of A:IR’s world are set to come in the next few weeks. Keep in mind that while it has been stated in an interview with Kakao Games’ Europe’s CEO, Min Kim that Ascent: Infinite Realm is not expected to fully launch until 2019, the game’s project Manager has stated that the first English “test phase will be in Q1 of 2018”.

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TERA x Attack on Titan Crossover Lets You Hunt “Big Ass Monsters” For New Costumes, Items & Emotes


Just last week, game publisher Pmang released a cross-over event between TERA‘s Japanese version and the popular Japanese manga and anime series Attack on Titan. Now the North American PC version published by En Masse Entertainment and European version by Gameforge will run similar events to allow players to obtain Attack on Titan themed “special emotes, tasty potatoes, special keys, and scout outfits for every race and gender.” The items can be obtained via the in-game cash shop and by attacking specific monsters.

North America: May 15 at 10 a.m. PDT until Tuesday, May 29 at 10 a.m.
Europe: Now to May 17

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Amazon’s New World MMORPG Has Apparently Begun Sending Invites For Play Testing


By the looks of it, we may be hearing more about Amazon Game Studios’ in-development sandbox MMORPG named New World in the near future. Twitter user and New Worlders Discord Admin by the name of “Lethality” has tweeted that he has been invited to Irvine this week, where Amazon Game Studios is located to play test New World.

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Jade Dynasty & Swordsman Online Shut Down All Servers On June 5th, Development Teams Are Moving On


Jade Dynasty and Swordsman Online, two martial-arts themed MMORPGs based on popular Chinese novels will be playable for the last time in the first week of next month. All Jade Dynasty and Swordsman Online servers will shut down and all access to in-game characters will end on June 5th, 2018.

Jade Dynasty stood for over nine years and is considered by many as one of the classic Chinese-setting MMORPGs. On top of the typical MMORPG gameplay features like questing and PvP, the game introduced some unique features when it released like the Espers/invigorating system that allowed players to automatically attack enemies in a bot-like manner. Swordsman Online has been up for three years and will not get to see its fourth year anniversary.

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Gloria Victis Adds Passive Abilities Skill Tree Update To Allow More Diverse Player Roles


Black Eye Games has been hard at work on polishing the medieval MMORPG Gloria Victis in the past several months with changes to the game’s open-world PvP, new animations, controller compatibility/synchronization and more. First-person view was introduced along with new locations for players to fight over and siege each other for. A new duel arena was also added recently that allows players to practice combat near their nation’s capital city without having to risk all that they’ve worked for.

Now an extension to customizing one’s character has been added in the form of a huge passive abilities, trigger abilities and top tier passives update. Passives are expanded by investing progress points to unlock new skills. Trigger abilities are skills that initiate special moves when a specific requirement is met. For example, if a player successfully blocks with a shield 3 times in a row within 30 seconds, the shield’s resistance loss is reduced by 2% per level and additional 10% at level 10. This abilities update lets us see the first version of viable support trees that allow players to improve first aid skills.

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MapleStory 2 Download Will Be Available For Closed Beta On May 7th, 2nd Round Of Invites Released


MapleStory 2‘s English global version will start its first closed beta next week on May 9th and Nexon has just sent out the 2nd wave of CBT invitations. Players chosen to participate in the closed beta testing phase will be able to download the game client on May 7, 2018. If you weren’t chosen, make sure you are registered on the MapleStory 2 site for a chance at the third and final round of invitations which will be released before the game client is available for download.

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Bless Online New Combat Previews Released For All Classes – Ranger, Guardian, Mage, Berserker, Paladin


Bless Online is getting closer and closer to its Steam beta in May and now Neowiz has shared the current state of the combat for each class that will be playable in the initial Steam version. Familiarize yourself with all of the different combat styles by watching gameplay previews and reading the combat details for Guardian, Ranger, Berserker, Mage and Paladin. Keep in mind that the preview videos were taken in a development environment and does not reflect the final version (e.g. names might differ).

While a specific date has not been mentioned yet for Bless Online’s first Steam beta, many speculate that an announcement will be made for it during Bless Online’s press event that will occur on May 11th in San Francisco, California. It can’t be much later than that anyway, so it’s quite a likely scenario.

Update: The videos are now accessible on Bless’ Pmang YouTube channel.

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