Black Desert Online Lahn Class Character Pre-Creation Is Available Now – Release Is On May 23rd


The latest and upcoming 16th class of Black Desert Online called Lahn has been added to the game’s character creation tool. Players can pre-create their characters’ looks before Lahn is released into the world of Black Desert on May 23rd. The new class utilizes dance-like combat movements to perform devastating mid-range AoE combos. Her Nimbus Stride skill allows her to glide through the air.

As far as the other classes are concerned, the Lahn update is accompanied by a long list of class changes, PvP changes and monster changes. Changes related to CC and knock-back have been applied to reduce the impact that server lag has on recovery speeds. You can read the full list of changes on Black Desert Online’s patch notes.

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Defiance 2050 Shows Off Large Kill Count & Player Numbers From Closed Beta


The first closed beta of Defiance 2050 is over and Trion Worlds, the game’s developer and publisher has posted a statistical “Fun Facts” list to show us what the closed beta testers managed to achieve. While they boast a whopping 3.45 million dead Hellbugs killed so far, they also reassure that they are fixing bugs and improving server stability for the upcoming launch this summer. As the launch approaches, Trion Worlds states that they will share information in regards to new class abilities, graphic updates, itemization updates and more. There is still no announcement for the next beta event and the launch date.

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Bless Online Addresses Concerns With An Open Letter, Anti-PvP Cloak Is a Hoax


Bless Online is set to release on May 30th and Neowiz’s announcements regarding the founder’s packs and game access have been hot topics for fans to mull over. Bless Online Community Manager Penta the Panther has written an open letter to address concerns throughout the fast-growing Bless Online community and to clarify some misinformation.

Unfortunately, the prevalent concerns regarding the cash shop, founder’s packs and in-game content were not addressed in this open letter. However, Cheshire, also a Bless Online Community Manager has stated on the Bless Online official Discord that they “hope to have more details about what is in the cash shop to share soon” and details on exactly what “premium membership and premium customer service” are.

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The Best Sandbox MMORPGs & MMO Games Of All Time


Sandbox MMOs are massively multiplayer online games with minimal limitations on the players’ capabilities to roam and change their virtual world. Players have access to a wide array of gameplay features or tools to create changes or impressions that have lasting effects. Common features that help define an MMO as sandbox are player housing, structure building, player-driven economy, crafting, farming and other open-world activities that affect the creation or modification of the game’s world.

We are listing these games based on their titles in ascending order.

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Screenshots of Mobile MMORPG Final Fantasy XI Mobile Have Been Discovered


We last heard of Final Fantasy XI Mobile, the collaborative project between Nexon and Square Enix quite recently in Nexon’s Earnings Report for Q1 2018. The report showed that the game is expected to release in Q2 2018 & onward in Japan & North America. Now it seems that a member of the FFXI sub-reddit community has stumbled upon a set of screenshots that shows off the graphics and world of the upcoming mobile game.

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Nexon’s Q1 2018 Earnings Report Reveals Upcoming MMORPGs For Q2 2018 Pipeline (MapleStory 2, AxE, Final Fantasy XI Mobile)


Pearl Abyss and NCSoft had their turn of revelations and now it’s Nexon’s turn to show us how their games performed in Q1 of 2018 and what they have in line for the months ahead. The Tokyo-based developer and publisher raised a record-breaking ¥90.5 billion in revenue for the quarter that was “primarily driven by strong performance of Dungeon & Fighter in China around the Lunar New Year season”. PC revenue (84%) outperformed mobile revenue (16%) by a mile. China is responsible for a whopping (67%) of their total revenue for this quarter and Korea behind it with (22%). North America and Europe/others are far behind with a whopping (4%) per recognized region.

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Bless Online Steam Founder’s Packs Giveaway (Standard Edition)


Bless Online is on the horizon and we at MMOPulse would like to provide you the chance to play the upcoming buy-to-play action MMORPG. In exchange for checking out and helping our site grow, we are giving away Bless Online Founder’s Packs (Standard Edition) for free to five lucky gamers. We’ve made sure to provide plenty of entry options from following us on social media to simply checking out our website’s new features.

The Founder’s Packs will be sent through Steam’s gifting system (other methods can be discussed if the winner wishes). Winners will be contacted via the email addresses that they use to enter the giveaway. If a winner does not respond within 7 days, a new winner will be randomly chosen from the pool of entries in their place.

*Note: The Founder’s Packs will come as a Steam key code.


  1. The giveaway has ended.
  2. Winners have been contacted via email. We are awaiting their responses.
  3. 4/5 packs have been claimed by the winners.

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Lord of the Rings Online Drastically Change Six Classes & Tactical Relics, Players Are Generally Pleased


Lord of the Rings Online released a massive update (Update 22.2) on Wednesday, May 9th that comes with major changes to six classes in the game and extensive changes to the tactical relics system. The classes that recieved significant changes were the guardian, hunter, ministrel, warden, champion and lore-master. Tactical Relics which are items used for inserting additional bonuses to their users have been re-balanced to correct a mistake in their design.

Overall, the LOTRO community’s reception of the update is positive. It is apparent that many believe the update to be long overdue, but Standing Stone Games has a long way to go with re-balancing the rest of the game’s class roster. You can read the full list of changes that came with the Bullroarer Update 22.2 on the LotRO forums.

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