Fractured MMO Q&A Talks About Expected Game Price, PvP Loot System & Anti-Grind Progression


In an hour-long Q&A, Indie developer Dynamight Studios’ CEO Jacopo Pietro Gallelli has shared new information in regards to their vision for Fractured, the upcoming class-less isometric MMORPG with a fully interactable open sandbox environment. Fractured forum user Vengu has created a summary of the session categorized into topics.

Dynamight Studios shared that they have no concerns about the game, but they do have business concerns. They openly admit that they are a young team, not well-known developers with a large following just by name alone. They are showing as much of the game as possible to assure players that they can make Fractured and that their vision for the game is clear, an action MMORPG with a strong sandbox economy.

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Crowfall High Elf Gear Shows Beautiful Design & No Overly Sexualized Female Armor


Crowfall’s upcoming Pre-Alpha 5.6 play test will allow backers to play as a male or female High-Elf. As a teaser, ArtCraft Entertainment’s Art Director Mellisa Preston has revealed one of the armor designs for the upcoming playable race as well as the visual direction behind it.

The High-Elves in Crowfall were designed with “many of the classic fantasy elements that players expect in an Elf race” in mind, especially their appreciation for art, detail, design and aesthetics. The armor design for them highlight the defined upper body and slim build of the High-elven race without relying on a push-up bra chest plate armor.

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Tree of Savior’s Beauty Shop Offers New Character Customization Options (In Development)


IMC Games shows off the latest feature in development for their isometric MMORPG, Tree of Savior called Beauty Shop. Beauty Shop is a new instanced salon area that will allow players to further customize their characters with dyes for changing hair color, more hair styles and new costumes.

The feature introduces the options for characters to have various choices of dual color hair. Many of the options require spending TP Tokens (Cash Shop currency). It’s certainly much simpler than changing one’s hairstyle in Tree of Savior’s spiritual predecessor Ragnarok Online which requires completing quests.

At first glance at the feedback given by Tree of Savior forum members, it seems that many players find the look of the new hair options to be unfit with the game’s aesthetics. Have a look at what’s coming when Tree of Savior’s Beauty Shop opens for business and let us know what you think of it.

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Elsword Celebrates Its 7th Anniversary With 1v1 Tournament, Magic Wardrobe & Drabaki’s Return


KOG Games is celebrating the seventh anniversary of the 2.5D action MMORPG, Elsword with a brand new 1-on-1 PvP tournament, the return of old familiar enemies and a new mechanic called the Magic Wardrobe.

The Magic Wardrobe system allows players to change their clothes and accessories without impacting their characters’ stats. Long gone are the days of sacrificing functionality for fashion. The costume you want to appear on your character will appear while the stats of the costume that suits your character’s needs will stay.

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Bless Online Previews Paladin Class Healing In Party & New Combat Gameplay


Neowiz is on a roll with showcasing the new and improved combat of Bless Online, their upcoming MMORPG set to release sometime this month. Just days ago, we received details and previews of the combat for all classes that will be playable in the initial version of the game. Those previews were inaccessible for a short period due to issues regarding the Bless Online YouTube channel, but are now back up on Pmang’s official YouTube. To make up for that, now Neowiz has revealed one of the most requested previews by the community; the Paladin class exercising their healing abilities with the improved combat system in a dungeon scenario.

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SoulWorker Adds New Playable Character Jin Seipatsu With Gift Coupon & The Golden Citadel Raid


SoulWorker, the newly released anime brawler MMORPG has just received its first and latest character addition and a major content update. As was teased before, Jin Seipatsu joins the SoulWorker roster as the “Spirit Arms” playable character. He is a martial arts specialist who uses his superhuman powers to play as both tank and DPS roles with skills that can attract enemies to him while giving them invulnerabilities and a wide array of AoE attacks. He also has the highest base HP out of all of the SoulWorker characters.

A new instanced raid called The Golden Citadel has been released as well, which can be accessed once you’ve completed all of SoulWorker’s casual raid quests. This raid comes with five spaces, each of which also comes with its own themed boss.

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