Alchemia Story Character Creation First Impressions


Alchemia Story is a mobile MMOJRPG by Abosimo. The game features a turn-based combat system where players have to manually cast skills such as magic spells, sword attacks and blocks. One impressive feature of Alchemia Story is its character creation!

Check out my gameplay messing around with Alchemia Story’s creator:

There are many options for hair style and portions are also customizable in length. Body weight and build have wide ranges. Large, small wide, thin, average. Colors also can be chosen with color pickers instead of only with a palette.

Alchemia Story’s character creators is better than some creators on PC games we have seen lately. It allows so many changes in detail! The secondary automated character to help you in your journey in Alchemia Story is also fully customizable and can be male or female regardless of your main character’s gender.

The game launched in Japan last year in November. So far, there’s no news regarding an English version. If you’re interested in Alchemia Story, here is its website:

Here are several in-game screenshots:

Alchemia-Story-Screenshot-Monster-Grind-Level-Up Alchemia-Story-Screenshot-Running-Dungeon Alchemia-Story-Screenshot-Boss-Fight-Combat Alchemia-Story-Screenshot-Characters Alchemia-Story-Screenshot-Field-Hills

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Sharifah Kamelia
Sharifah Kamelia
3 years ago

Hi um can i ask how do you change your YOME gender? I have tried many buttons and i couldn’t change my YOME gender… I want her to become a male.. Please help! o(〃^▽^〃)o