KurtzPel: Bringer of Chaos Character Creation & Combat Gameplay Impressions


KurtzPel: Bringer of Chaos is a new PvP heavy action combat multiplayer online brawler game that is currently in development by KOG Games, the same people in charge of bringing us the anime MMORPGs Grand Chase and Elsword. KurtzPel is confirmed to be a PC game, but will also allow game-pad controls. Today I’ll talk about my thoughts on the three videos we have on the game, the character creation, the PvP combat and the basics tutorial.

KurtzPel Character Creation

So in this character creation process, we are first met with a section that directly translates as “the soul” to choose our character’s personal characteristics and things in that nature. After that, we get to make our character’s physical body. The game is fully cel-shaded and of course the characters are too. Right off the bat, I get a Peria Chronicles vibe from this creator with a very wide range for a character’s physical build and weight. Just with the anime-like hairstyles alone, it looks like this game knows exactly what audience they’re aiming for.

It seems at least for now, that there’s not a whole of options as far character details.. The hair page looks like there are a dozen or so hairstyles and it’s good to see that there is a color picker instead of a palette of colors to choose from. There are chest and butt adjustments, a key feature I know some players require in your MMOs. There also looks to be accessories we can choose from in the initial customization phase.

KurtzPel PvP Gameplay

We’ve only been shown PvP gameplay so far, which for now is okay since we know that the game is going to be focused heavily on PvP. However, KoG Games did say that PvE content is also being developed. From the video above, we know right away that there will be a team based arena PvP where players can fight in timed point based matches. It is unknown how many players can be in one arena match. The combat is very flashy, combo based and reminds me a lot of the CC heavy combos of Dragon Nest. Hopefully there will be plenty of CC breaks in KurtzPel because I still have nightmares of minute long CC chains from that game.

KurtzPel Basics Tutorial

Looking at the skills, there is Q as the ultimate skill which gets charged up by dealing damage with other less powerful skills E, R, and F, and basic attacks with mouse click similar to the system in Overwatch. Shift is to dodge, and Tab allows changing of weapons. So we have players able to play as a greatsword wielder for big bulky hard-hitting play-style, dual wield for faster attacks, and also bow wielding for mobility and range. 

KurtzPel’s instant weapon switching and super fast action combat is attractive, so hopefully it’s as fun to play as it is to watch. PvP focused MMOs like this tend to require a lot of balancing and I pray it is not based around some kind of cash shop. I’ve heard a few times that there are a lot of reused concepts from KOG’s other MMORPGs, Grand Chase and Elsword. Personally, I have only played very little of those two games, but maybe you were able to catch them yourself. The devs did after all mention that KurtzPel was intended to be a faithful successor to Grand Chase and Elsword.

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