Bless Online Steam Founder’s Packs Giveaway (Standard Edition)


Bless Online is on the horizon and we at MMOPulse would like to provide you the chance to play the upcoming buy-to-play action MMORPG. In exchange for checking out and helping our site grow, we are giving away Bless Online Founder’s Packs (Standard Edition) for free to five lucky gamers. We’ve made sure to provide plenty of entry options from following us on social media to simply checking out our website’s new features.

The Founder’s Packs will be sent through Steam’s gifting system (other methods can be discussed if the winner wishes). Winners will be contacted via the email addresses that they use to enter the giveaway. If a winner does not respond within 7 days, a new winner will be randomly chosen from the pool of entries in their place.

*Note: The Founder’s Packs will come as a Steam key code.


  1. The giveaway has ended.
  2. Winners have been contacted via email. We are awaiting their responses.
  3. 4/5 packs have been claimed by the winners.

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Bless Online Releases Class Combat Before/After & Cinematic Teasers


During the Bless Online press event in San Francisco on May 11th, the release date of the early access of Bless Online on Steam was finally revealed to be on May 30th with a 2 day head-start for Founder’s Pack purchasers. The event showed two new trailers to those who attended which were broadcasted on Twitch by several streamers. Neowiz has posted the two trailers on the Bless Online YouTube channel to be viewable to all in HD instead of low resolution Twitch VODs.

Bless Awakens is a cinematic trailer about the two warring nations of Union and Hieron. The second video shows samples of the combat for each of the classes that will initially be playable in Bless Online’s early access. While an explanation to why the new combat system is better than the old would have been a great pair to the Before & After video, there are obvious changes in the new combat such as a cleaner combat UI, lower cooldown durations and faster casting/animation.

Check out our previous post to see longer videos showcasing the new combat of all of the initial Bless Online classes (Berserker, Paladin, Ranger, Mage and Guardian).

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Bless Online Confirmed Founder’s Packs & Base Game Prices – Early Access Release Date Set For May 30th


Neowiz has finally broken their silence in regards to the release date of the early access and founders packs of Bless Online. The game’s Early Access on Steam will be playable on May 30th at 10:00 AM PDT. There are three tiers of Founder’s Packs available as we found previously that are priced at $39.99 for the Standard Edition, $69.99 for the Deluxe Edition and a whopping $199.99 for the largest pack, the Collector’s Edition. Each of these packs will include the base game and and those who purchase any of the Founder’s Packs will receive a two day head start that will start on May 28th 10:00 AM PDT.

On top of this, we also now know that the base price for Bless Online’s early access will be $29.99 (prices may vary per country). All of these prices and items included are confirmed by information given in the Bless Online press conference that occurred today in San Francisco, California.

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Bless Online Steam Update Suggests At Least 3 Founders Packs Will Be For Sale & Chinese Regions Are Restricted


The latest update to the Steamdb page of Bless Online suggests that the game will initially have at least three different packages available for purchase on top of the base game. Bless Online is still set to be playable as a buy-to-play game in May and so far, there has not been an official announcement stating a specific date for the start of the upcoming Early Access. This latest change can be seen as another indication that Neowiz still plans to release the game within this month and that they may just be keeping us on our toes until the very last minute.

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Bless Online Previews Paladin Class Healing In Party & New Combat Gameplay


Neowiz is on a roll with showcasing the new and improved combat of Bless Online, their upcoming MMORPG set to release sometime this month. Just days ago, we received details and previews of the combat for all classes that will be playable in the initial version of the game. Those previews were inaccessible for a short period due to issues regarding the Bless Online YouTube channel, but are now back up on Pmang’s official YouTube. To make up for that, now Neowiz has revealed one of the most requested previews by the community; the Paladin class exercising their healing abilities with the improved combat system in a dungeon scenario.

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Bless Online New Combat Previews Released For All Classes – Ranger, Guardian, Mage, Berserker, Paladin


Bless Online is getting closer and closer to its Steam beta in May and now Neowiz has shared the current state of the combat for each class that will be playable in the initial Steam version. Familiarize yourself with all of the different combat styles by watching gameplay previews and reading the combat details for Guardian, Ranger, Berserker, Mage and Paladin. Keep in mind that the preview videos were taken in a development environment and does not reflect the final version (e.g. names might differ).

While a specific date has not been mentioned yet for Bless Online’s first Steam beta, many speculate that an announcement will be made for it during Bless Online’s press event that will occur on May 11th in San Francisco, California. It can’t be much later than that anyway, so it’s quite a likely scenario.

Update: The videos are now accessible on Bless’ Pmang YouTube channel.

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The Best MMORPG Graphics Of All Time As of 2020


We’ve combed through all of the MMORPGs that has shown up in the past two decades and chosen the most eye-pleasing games with the best graphics and beautifully rendered assets to offer.

We have and will only add MMORPGs that are already or nearly playable in the West to this list. However, keep in mind that this is an on-going list, so upcoming MMOs that would otherwise be on this list like Ashes of Creation, Peria Chronicles, Moonlight Blade or any other games that deserve to be listed will be added when they are fully released in English.

We are listing these games based on release dates in descending order.

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The Best PvP MMORPG Of This Decade (2010 – 2019)


PvP (player versus player) has always been a highly criticized criteria when it comes to MMORPGs. Some desire harsh-punishing and ‘hardcore’ systems that let you take the loot of your fallen enemies, some desire optional or casual instanced-based arenas, while others would rather walk a different path altogether. Here is a list of MMORPGs from the current decade with impressive PvP.

We are listing these games based on release dates in descending order. This is an on-going list that will be updated every time a new impressive PvP centric MMORPG reveals itself.

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