MMOPulse’s First 72 Hours – Site Report #1


We're just a bit over 72 hours into the public launch of MMOPulse and so far we've gotten amazing feedback and support from all corners of the MMORPG community. Here is my report on all that has happened with our website in that time and the changes made in lieu of your feedback.

Before we get started, I want to give special thanks to the following people/groups for significantly helping MMOPulse during our site's first three days.

Fevir - sharing MMOPulse to his community
En Masse Entertainment - first giveaway on the site (Closers)
Pai, X ツ, Samael, Dausu, Sun - high quality MMO character submissions
X ツ - large amount of feedback

Thank you to all of our readers and those that gave feedback!

Major Updates

RSS Feeds – A collection of site feeds are now listed to easily follow all or individual feeds.

New MMO Releases Page – MMO releases for 2018 and 2017 have been completed.

Sitemap – A public version of the sitemap was made available for higher SEO score.

Community Characters – Submissions have to be done through the MMOPulse Discord. On-site submissions were turned off due to high volume of submissions using up too much resources.

Upcoming MMOs Widget – Redesigned for better readability.


Adding new MMOs in MMO Releases By Month page
Updating Upcoming MMOs Calendar page with all dates
First 200 Games Indexed

Statistics (March 29 - April 1)

Page views

Unique Page Views

Average per view

New Twitter Followers

New Discord Members

New Facebook Likes


Oddly enough, a common question we’ve received is “why does the site not have any ads? How are you making any revenue?” Simply put, we don’t need them at the moment to keep everything running smoothly, so we don’t have them. I know how annoying ads can be, so MMOPulse will likely stay that way for a while unless our audience rate demands a better hosting service. I do hope that our site gains enough traction that we will eventually need ads to support costs of improving hosting plans, premium plugins and security. However, when we do bring ads to the site, they will always be minimal and never intrusive.

There have been concerns regarding little difference between MMO sections and MMORPG section. There will be clear differences when more games have been added.

The Best PvP MMORPG Of This Decade (2010 – 2019)


PvP (player versus player) has always been a highly criticized criteria when it comes to MMORPGs. Some desire harsh-punishing and ‘hardcore’ systems that let you take the loot of your fallen enemies, some desire optional or casual instanced-based arenas, while others would rather walk a different path altogether. Here is a list of MMORPGs from the current decade with impressive PvP.

We are listing these games based on release dates in descending order. This is an on-going list that will be updated every time a new impressive PvP centric MMORPG reveals itself.

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MapleStory 2 China Register, Download & Install Guide (2018)


MapleStory 2 has been around in Korea for a solid three years and last year the game was also made available to download and play in China. So far, a Western release has only ever been mentioned in the past. The easiest and least requiring method to play the game right now is through the Chinese version. I re-installed CMS2 today and it seems there have been several changes to the registration and installation process. Here is the most up-to-date version of the registration, download and installation guide to play CMS2.

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Bless Online Rebuild Project Server Download Guide (KR)


Bless Online currently has a total of two versions in South Korea and one version in Japan. The two versions in South Korea are the “Live Server” and the “Rebuild Project Test Server.” This guide will show you step-by-step instructions on how to play the “Rebuild Project Test Server.”

Get an Account

Step 1. Get a South Korean Social Security Number, so either be a S. Korean citizen or know a friend from S. Korea who will let you use his SSN. Oh, you will also need a S. Korean phone number to confirm your residency.

Step 2. Register here:

*Alternatively, you can buy an account from websites. Just search for “Bless account.”

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