The Best MMORPG Graphics Of All Time As of 2020


We’ve combed through all of the MMORPGs that has shown up in the past two decades and chosen the most eye-pleasing games with the best graphics and beautifully rendered assets to offer.

We have and will only add MMORPGs that are already or nearly playable in the West to this list. However, keep in mind that this is an on-going list, so upcoming MMOs that would otherwise be on this list like Ashes of Creation, Peria Chronicles, Moonlight Blade or any other games that deserve to be listed will be added when they are fully released in English.

We are listing these games based on release dates in descending order.

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Secret World Legends Dawn of the Morning Light Update Launches Today


Funcom has released the latest major update to Secret World Legends today called Dawn of the Morninglight. Dawn of the Morninglight is a completely free update and will be the first free story continuation update since the game went from a subscription-based model to free-to-play. Players will continue the the game’s epic main storyline and venture to South Africa. Infiltrate the New Dawn compound, fight new enemies and solve new mysteries surrounding the Morninglight cult.

The fuse is lit. Philip Marquard, leader of the Morninglight, has been making moves in a hotbed of cultist operations: New Dawn. A mysterious text was sent to your phone. It’s time to come out of the shadows and spring into action.

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