Star Trek Online: Mirror Of Discovery Will Launch On January 23rd


The next part of the Age of Discovery in Star Trek Online is coming soon on January 23rd and it’s called the ‘Mirror of Discovery’ update. Star Trek Online: Mirror of Discovery will be added on PC first and later on the console versions. This update will feature a new important character, Captain Killy, who is voiced by Mary Wiseman from the Star Trek: Discovery television series. Two new featured episodes titled ‘Para Pacem’ and The Illusion of Communication’ will be added with this update.

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Star Trek Online Victory Is Life Expansion Will Launch On June 5th For PC, Console Later In The Summer


Star Trek Online players on PC will be able to play the newest Victory is Life Expansion on June 5th. The expansion will take Captains beyond the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant. The adventure will feature 12 actors from the television series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Players will also find the new playable Cardassian species, the elite Jem-Hadar class/faction and an increased level cap to 65 when the expansion launches. Xobx One and Playstation 4 players will see the expansion later this summer.

For the first time, step into the shoes of a warrior of the Dominion and create a Jem’Hadar Captain to explore and battle in the Final Frontier. The entire Gamma Quadrant will become a battlefield in our new sector-wide Battlezone, and Captains will be able to raise their level to 65.

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Star Trek Online Will Add Cardassians As Playable Species With Victory is Life In June 2018


One of the longest requested feature in the history of Star Trek Online is finally being added to the game. Cardassians will become a playable species for both Starfleet and Klingon Factions. This will come with the upcoming Victory is Life update. The Cardassian species will have two unique new Species Space Traits that are influenced by their well-known traits of having photographic memory and resistance to mind controls.

Victory is Life, the fourth major expansion to Star Trek Online is set to come in June of 2018 to PC and later in the summer to Xbox One and PS4. On top of the Cardassians, this update will include a level cap increase, the playable new Jem’Hadar faction and new stories.

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