Explore A New Planet With Skyforge’s Latest Update “New Horizons”


The Skyforge universe has expanded significantly since it first launched in 2015. Now My.com has added a whole new exotic planet named Terra, the game’s largest map to date in the latest content update ‘Skyforge: New Horizons’.

A new race of enemies threaten the newly explorable world. PC players can now take their ships to Terra and help eliminate the threat. PlayStation 4 will receive the update on April 10th and Xbox One on April 11th.


  • New planet & enemy: Explore the vast, diverse surface of Terra, a new world and uncover the secrets held within. The Phytonides are at war, but with who? Take to the surface and protect the future of Aelion!
  • New interface: To make searching for relevant activities easier, we created a new interface that will let you get the maximum reward available on a selected day.
  • Changes to bastions: A new construction, the Stronghold, consolidates Might provided by all Bastions. You can continue to upgrade this structure using a special currency which is given for quests from the new interface. From now on, Bastions will be used for unlocking symbols.
  • Changes to divine specializations: We decided to simplify this system to shorten the road to higher divinity. The New Horizons update reduces the number of divine specializations to 4. They all become part of the Temple of Deeds. The Junior God tab will be removed. Its nodes will be distributed among the new specializations.
  • Updated scaling system: After the update, the system will not just increase the Might of a player who’s lagging behind, it will also provide bonuses from the laboratory and divine specializations specified for the selected rank of the adventure.
  • Class Symbols: Terra opens up new horizons for immortals. Here you can unlock 3 special symbols for each class, but only one can be used at a time. How do I unlock class symbols? You will learn that on Terra!
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